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Just select the flavor you want and an order screen will "pop" up
All bags are approx 10 cups of popcorn

***Please also note that the shipping rate is based on weight and the dimensions of the outer package. The Cornivore strives to provide the fastest and cheapest shipping solutions for its customers.  Unfortunately, although popcorn is light, it takes up a lot of space and consequently, shipping companies charge us using what's called: "dimensional weight".  For example, a case of popcorn that weighs 5 LBS is billed by UPS and FedEx as 17 LBS due to the large box required to ship 5 LBS of popcorn.  This billing change occurred at the beginning of January 2015 and has more than doubled the cost of shipping our products. For logistics and cost effective reasons we have a minimum bag order of 3 to provide more bang for your buck in the whole "dimensional weight" conundrum. And I don't know about you, but more than 1 bag of our popcorn is always a reason to smile!

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