Circus Animals Popcorn
  • Circus Animals Popcorn

    You remember those little pink and white cookies with sprinkles right? Well, this popcorn was meticulously crafted to mimic that experience exactly, minus the cookie. That's right, no cookie in this one which makes it...Gluten Free!


    First we created our cookie flavored popcorn from pure ingredients with just the right amount of crunch and texture, figured out the pink and white chocolate recipe and then, the most iconic part of the popcorn is applied...the sprinkles!!!


    For the best experience possible, Chill prior to eating.


    Guaranteed to make you smile from ear to ear...prepare to be transported back to a time way funner than now.

    • Know The No's

      Yes Dairy

      No Animals

      No Gluten

      No Corn Syrup

      No Nuts

      No Soy



    • Smaller Size

      This product is crafted by hand with high quality chocolate and toppings. The price is the same as our other popcorn products, but the size is smaller, a little less than half the size...What you lose in quantity, you triple is quality, taste and experience. Trust us, its worth it!  We just wanted you to know so you don't get upset when the product comes and is smaller than what you might have expected.