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Sweet Green Chile

Sweet Green Chile

Sweet Green Chile is the result of a determined Dad focused on making the flavor everyone else seemed to want to shy away from. How do you make a popcorn flavor that focuses on the authentic flavor of New Mexico Green Chile and balance it so it works on popcorn, without adding cheese? First, the Green Chile has to be pure, no seeds and stems ground into it! We pay twice the price as our Green Chile competitors because we have standards man! If you're from NM, you know Green Chile doesnt make your eyeballs roll to the back of your head unless you smell it roasting over an open flame. Once we secured the best NMTrue Green Chile, perfected the roasting, and seasoning, then it was time to prepare the base...We chose to pair our Green Chile with a kettle corn because the sweet crunch of the candied sugar adds something to the heat and gourmet flavor of the Green Chile. What we created was a perfect mix of sweet, salty and spicy. 5 years later... Its still our #1 flavor! 


If sweet is not your thing check out our savory Green Chile options. 


Because we dont put preservatives in our Green Chile, it has a short shelf life of about 2-3 weeks if kept out of the Sun or direct UV lighting.

  • Ingredients

    Popcorn, corn oil, sugar, green chile, spices, salt.

  • Know The No's!

    No Gluten

    No Dairy or Animal Products

    No Corn Syrup

    No Soy

    No Nuts (Our facility is Nut Free) 

    No Joke!


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